A textile protective suit consists of more than 110 pieces of fabric and 1500 metres of thread! Confection remains a pivotal element. 

A comfortable protective suit is the result of several components; the confection is without a doubt one of the most important factors.

  • The know-how and the experience of the manufacturer determine the final result. If you closely study a Soen suit you will notice that the conception and confection are impeccable. 
  • Our own Siotec department studies and creates the patterns. Today, 24 persons are working to improve our offer of suits. 

An adapted size system

During your missions you have to forget you are wearing a protection suit. Therefore, we work with different size charts on different lengths to adjust the suits to all figures. 

Size chart of EN 469 products

 Chest circumferenceWaist circumference
Extra long188-196

Coupled size chart in cm

Waist circumferenceSizeStature
76-881C - < 170
M - 170-180
L - 180-188
XL - >188
92-1042C - < 170
M - 170-180
L - 180-188
XL - >188
108-1203C - < 170
M - 170-180
L - 180-188
XL - >188

Size chart for non EN 469 products

SizeStatureChest circumferenceWaist circumference

The assembly

The confection and the finish are two elements that often distinguish a good protection jacket from a standard protection jacket. 
The assembly type of the sleeves, the positioning of the pockets, the shape of the collar, the length of the jacket, the type of cuff, the finish... are of the utmost importance for the comfort. 

The best seams

The quality of the seams is very important and determines even the life of products. We combine 2 methods by using a total of 7 threads for the seams, i.e. we use 25 cm of thread for 1 cm of seam.  

Siotec, a division of dedicated studies

Siotec is the technical service that is specialised in the improvement of protection suits. The great care with which we create and realize our protection suits has secured for our products the best cost of ownership on the market.