APLW - Tough

We have developed the DS (double-sided) Nomex® Tough RS Aramid mesh complex.

During forest fires there are many and well-identified risks: heat, mechanical constraints, comfort, heat stress. The 15614 : 2007 standard constitutes the reference framework. It is important that this material is also antistatic and hence in accordance with EN 1149-5.

This complex is unique on the market and it is used for controlled burning and for the fighting of forest fires.

Complex composition

  1. Outer fabric: DS (double-sided) Nomex®Tough RS Aramid mesh

    Nomex / Kevlar / antistatic

    This complex consists of a Nomex®Tough exterior fabric and a bonded aramid mesh. Therefore, our material has the best thermal and mechanical resistance while offering a high level of comfort thanks to the mesh next to the skin.