830 - Nomex Twin

The search for the best ratio between protection and comfort remains a top priority for firefighters.

Our 830 Nomex Twin solution provides a proven solution. Thousands of firefighters across Europe are successfully using this protection.

Beyond comfort and protection, the cost of ownership is also very low.

Complex composition

  1. Outer fabric: Nomex® Twin

    Outside: 93% Nomex - 5% Kevlar - 2% AST - Inside: 100% Kevlar - 225g/m2

    The Nomex® Twin fabric has a specific two-sided construction. The outside consists of a twilled fabric on the basis of 93% de Nomex®, 5% Kevlar® and 2% antistatic fibres which offers an excellent heat resistance. The inside of the fabric consists of 100% Kevlar®. The Nomex® Twin has therefore a long life span and a good mechanical resistance: it doesn't break open after a flashover. 

  2. Waterproof membrane: SIO-A.I.R. PTFE

    100% aramid

    In their risk analysis firemen sometimes demand that the membrane is not only breathable but also very heat resistant. That's why we developped our own solution the SIO-A.I.R barrier PTFE. We have laminated a base layer of PTFE on a 3D felt of 100% aramid.

    The SIO-A.I.R barrier PTFE is tested in accordance with the ISO 6530 standard (Protection against liquid chemicals - Test method for resistance of materials to penetration by liquids). It is waterproof, with a water column of more than 10 metres, even after it has been exposed for 7 seconds to a temperature of 220°C. It also passes the kerosene test. 

    Finally the membrane also passes after 25 washes at 60°C the ASTM F1671 test which prooves that a selection of virsuses can't penetrate the SIO-A.I.R barrier PTFE membrane.

    This membrane has received the SIO-Comfort® quality label which identifies breathable, flame resistant barriers.

  3. Thermal barrier: Techweave

    This 3D weave produces a fabric with excellent insulating properties.

    The air channel system thus created makes it possible to achieve a level of thermal insulation never before achieved while improving the regulation of heat and sweat that firefighters generate in operation. Thanks to its aramid composition, this lining has very good mechanical resistance.

    This fabric improves the comfort of the firefighter thanks to its flexibility and lightness.

    50% of Techweave is in direct contact with the skin, which makes Techweave very comfortable.

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