529 - Microrip

The evolution of the operational techniques of firemen results in a modification of the requirements for personal protective equipment. There is a great demand for a versatile solution whose components all have a good mechanical resistance and not only the outer fabric. 

Our waterproof-breathable lining assures the protection against water penetration and guarantees a good breathability. 

Our 529 complex is the perfect compromise for an excellent lightweight protection with a good mechanical resistance. 

Complex composition

  1. Outer fabric: Nomex® Microrip Sioguard

    98% aramid - 2% AST - 230g/m2

    Our Nomex® Microrip Sioguard is an outer fabric that was designed to provide an optimal protection for firemen during their different missions. It is developped and produced in France according to a strict protocol and is also in conformity with the ÖEKO-TEX® standart 100 standard which confirms that the product doesn't contain any harmful substances that pose a threat to human health. 

    Its mechanical characteristics are 3 times better than the demands of the standard EN 469. The original weaving of the material offers an excellent breathability and a high abrasion resistance. The garment that is manufacterd with DuPont™ Nomex® has during its entire life an excellent light and wash fastness.  

    The Microrip Sioguard protects today several thousands of fireman throughout Europe. Its reliability doesn't need to be proved anymore and its breahtability offers an excellent comfort. Thanks to the Sioguard treatment against chemical substances it hasn't to be reimpregnated which simplifies the maintenace and reduces costs. 

    The Microrip Sioguard is available in different colours: navy, yellow, orange and red.

  2. Thermal barrier: ISO’AIR®

    Mainly Nomex®

    It took two years of research to obtain a light, flexible and breathable product: ISO’AIR®.

    ISO’AIR® is a fire and heat resistant, nonwoven fabric manufactured with virgin Nomex® fibres. Its hydrophobic treatment and its excellent breathability make it into a major component of our complex. In addition the ISO'AIR® constitutes an incompressible space between the lining and the exterior of the jaket and protects the fireman from burns whatever the circumstances. Thanks to its air capsules it is superior to other felts.

  3. Waterproof & antistatic lining: SioLiner Plus

    98% aramid fibres - 2% AST coated with a waterproof-breathable PU

    There is a wide range of water resistive barriers on the market but they often present many flaws: they have to be fabricated far from the skin so the breathability is affected. They are often mechanically weak and make the complex heavier with several seams and welds. To offer a solution for all those shortcomings, we have developed our own waterproof-breathable and hydrophilic lining: the SioLiner Plus. 

    An antistatic mesh of 100% aramide receives an indirect coating of flame retardant polyurethane. It is placed close to the body and stops liquids, viruses, bacteria or contaminated blood, but is at the same very breathable. 

    Because of its elastic structure it procures a very high comfort and an unrivalled mechanical resistance to the protection complex.

    This membrane has received the Sio-Comfort® quality label, which identifies very breathable barriers with a good flame resistance.

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