528 - Microrip

The airport fire brigade is specialised in extinguishing fires on aircrafts.

During an intervention on a burning plane, the fireman is exposed to an extreme radiant heat. It is important to bear this in mind while choosing protective clothing. Therefore we have developped the Microrip Sioguard 528 complex that offers a protection against intense radiant heat and that offers the advantages of the Microrip Sioguard fabric. 

Complex composition

  1. Outer fabric: Nomex® Microrip Sioguard

    98% aramid - 2% AST - 230g/m2

    Our Nomex® Microrip Sioguard is an outer fabric that was designed to provide an optimal protection for firemen during their different missions. It is developped and produced in France according to a strict protocol and is also in conformity with the ÖEKO-TEX® standart 100 standard which confirms that the product doesn't contain any harmful substances that pose a threat to human health. 

    Its mechanical characteristics are 3 times better than the demands of the standard EN 469. The original weaving of the material offers an excellent breathability and a high abrasion resistance. The garment that is manufacterd with DuPont™ Nomex® has during its entire life an excellent light and wash fastness.  

    The Microrip Sioguard protects today several thousands of fireman throughout Europe. Its reliability doesn't need to be proved anymore and its breahtability offers an excellent comfort. Thanks to the Sioguard treatment against chemical substances it hasn't to be reimpregnated which simplifies the maintenace and reduces costs. 

    The Microrip Sioguard is available in different colours: navy, yellow, orange and red.

  2. Waterproof membrane: Sympatex®

    Laminated Sympatex membrane on non-woven aramid

    Some fire brigades ask to use a membrane without micropores in their protective clothing. We propose the Sympatex® model. 

    This membrane is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable. It is hydrophilic and has no micropores: the water vapour molecules of the transpiration are transported through the membrane to the outside, thanks to its hydrophilic structure. Its breathability doesn't change with time: without pores there is no risk that those would be obstructed by the salt crystals of the transpiration. The Sympatex® membrane is ecological and recyclable and has the Öeko-Tex® and BLUESIGN label. In addition it offers an absolute barrier against bacteria and viruses (test performed in the CTC). 

  3. Thermal barrier: 2 quilted felts100% Nomex® on technical 3D Nomex® fabric

    100% Nomex®

    The Nomex® felts are known for their excellent insulating qualtities when they are used in protective textile.  

    The use of a double felt layer guarantees a good thermal insulation. Moreover, we quilt the felt with our technical 3D Nomex® fabric which improves the mechanical and thermal qualities of the garment. 

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