523 - Twin

The job responsibilties of firemen are very versatile and keep expanding. That's why they look for a fire suit that can offer them an optimal compromise.

With our 523 complex we can offer a perfect compromise between mechanical resistance, thermal protection and weight. This complex has proven its effectiveness and durability for several years now. 

Complex composition

  1. Outer fabric: Nomex® Twin

    Outside: 93% Nomex - 5% Kevlar - 2% AST - Inside: 100% Kevlar - 225g/m2

    The Nomex® Twin fabric has a specific two-sided construction. The outside consists of a twilled fabric on the basis of 93% de Nomex®, 5% Kevlar® and 2% antistatic fibres which offers an excellent heat resistance. The inside of the fabric consists of 100% Kevlar®. The Nomex® Twin has therefore a long life span and a good mechanical resistance: it doesn't break open after a flashover. 

  2. Waterproof membrane: Sympatex®

    Laminated Sympatex membrane on non-woven aramid

    Some fire brigades ask to use a membrane without micropores in their protective clothing. We propose the Sympatex® model. 

    This membrane is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable. It is hydrophilic and has no micropores: the water vapour molecules of the transpiration are transported through the membrane to the outside, thanks to its hydrophilic structure. Its breathability doesn't change with time: without pores there is no risk that those would be obstructed by the salt crystals of the transpiration. The Sympatex® membrane is ecological and recyclable and has the Öeko-Tex® and BLUESIGN label. In addition it offers an absolute barrier against bacteria and viruses (test performed in the CTC). 

  3. Thermal barrier: ISO’AIR® matelassé on ripstop Nomex® fabric

    100% Nomex®

    It took two years of research to obtain a light, flexible and breathable product: ISO’AIR®.

    ISO’AIR® is a fire and heat resistant, nonwoven fabric manufactured with virgin Nomex® fibres. Its hydrophobic treatment and its excellent breathability make it into a major component of our complex. In addition the ISO'AIR® constitutes an incompressible space between the lining and the exterior of the jaket and protects the fireman from burns in all circumstances. Thanks to its air capsules it is superior to other felts. We have quilted it with a ripstop Nomex® fabric.

Suits with this complex