19-01-2020 to 21-01-2020

On January 19, 20 and 21, Dubai is the place to be when it comes to safety, security and fire protection. At the Intersec, one of the largest fairs dedicated to Fire Protection in the world, visited by thousands of influential trade buyers, we will proudly present our fire fighters garments and the new developments in that PPE.  

We are safety makers 

Our firefighter intervention garments protect you against all the hazards and risks at your daily work. As a producer of professional protective garments for fire fighter since 1927, we pay a lot of attention to your wearing comfort, making our garments light and flexible and thus guaranteeing high freedom of movement. Excellent moisture-regulating properties reduce the risk of heat stress. By selecting sustainable materials, our garments offer high mechanical protection. Finally, the right choice of many finishing details and options means that you have a functional, comfortable and safe firefighter suit exceeds the requirements of the standards by far. 

PPE is our business and your safety is our priority. You risk your lives daily for us. We are dedicated to protecting you.  

For any risk 

Our garments for direct fire intervention perfectly protect the wearer against any kind of threat. And with any, we mean any. We’re part of a large textile group that specializes in the production of both technical textiles and professional protective garments. This 360° know-how of all risk protective garments enables us to give protection in any working condition.   

Protection against:  

  • Flames 
  • Convective and radiant heat (e.g. when molten metal or hot melts fall on a garment) 
  • Skin burn injury  
  • Heat stress  
  • Wear and tear because of the heavy circumstances 
  • Occasional contact with chemicals and toxins 
  • Water (fighting fires requires water resistance or repellence)  
  • Not been seen while doing their job (e.g. traffic accidents) 
  • Axes, oxyacetylene and exothermic cutting torches and power saws with metal cutting blades 
  • Bullets, knifes, pins, needles, dog bites 
  • Extreme cold and snow/icy environments (through dry suits) 
  • Drowning (Personal floatation devices) 
  • Heavy industrial cleaning and decontamination 

All our fire intervention suits comply with the most stringent norms and regulations. 

For everyone  

Don’t believe us on our word. Ask around. We’ve been dressing almost a half a million firefighters in their various working conditions in Dubai, Paris, Brussels, Luxemburg, Bayern and Monaco to name a few. In urban city centers, on heavy traffic roads, in airports and harbors, in hostile environments, in forest and wildland, on mountains and in tunnels, on ships and boats, you name the situation and we have the right garment for the fire fighter.  

We can offer full safety solutions because of the accumulated expertise in designing and producing professional protective garments through the various dedicated brands of the Sioen Group.  Our expertise in chainsaw protection for example, is so high because of the decades of production of chainsaw protective garments for foresters with our brand SIP Protection. The expertise of our brands Mullion and Ursuit ensure that we can offer the best protection to the firefighters in situations where there’s extra peril for drowning or while diving in rescue expeditions. Even armor solutions for fire fighters operating in war zones are our competence through our brand Sioen Ballistics. With the brand Sioen PPC, we’ve been producing multinorm protective clothing for many years. Our people were there when norms and regulations were drafted. Their expertise is valued all over the world.  

We’ll be glad to show you around at our stand on the French Pavillion at the Intersec fair in Dubai from 19th until 21st of January 2020 included.