The firemen of Wetteren have been equipped with Sioen protection suits for quite some time, but the old suits needed to be replaced. The rail disaster of Wetteren accelerated the progress of the dossier. The brigade's satisfaction with regard to the Sioen suits was very high and after a market study they decided to team up with us once again.

The brigade opted for the new look that had been set by the Interior Ministry of Belgium. The suits are given a new colour: gold instead of navy blue. This colour has the advantage that dirt can easier be noticed with an increased washing frequency as a result. During their interventions firemen sometimes come into contact with substances, such as scoot, that can be detrimental to health. By washing their clothing more often this problem can partly be overcome. What's more the “gold” colour also improves the visibility of the fireman in the field.

Considering the wishes of the brigade of Wetteren the design includes a short jacket instead of the previous parka style. Both jacket and trousers are equipped with several functional pockets for radio, lamp, gloves...

The suit includes fluorescent / retro-reflective stripings that improve visibility, especially in the dark. The stripings were positioned in accordance with the body language concept so as to make the contours of the person clearly recognizable. To increase the wearing comfort and the breathability of the suit, the stripings are perforated.

The wearing comfort of the trousers was also studied. They are equipped with a new model of detachable braces (“parachute” braces). As firemen have to put a lot of mechanical stress on their knees during interventions, the trousers are fitted with ergonomic knee inserts. The extremities of the legs and the sleeves are reinforced with an edging with a base of para-aramid (kevlar) to minimize wear. 

Hivis stripings

Perforated retroreflective striping - triple trim (fluo/silver/fluo)

This striping has a grey, retroreflective central part with two fluorescent (yellow or orange) bands around it. The yellow colour improves visibility by day whilst the retroreflective silver part reflects the light from the headlights of cars by night.
This striping can't be used to obtain an EN 471/EN ISO 20471 certification because the retroreflective part isn't wide enough.

To improve the breathability of the clothes the striping has been perforated. The aim is to prevent excessive damp from accumalating underneath the striping. Thanks to the perforations, the moisture can evaporate more effectively.

Complex 825 - Microrip

A complex that offers an excellent protection in case of a flashover

Complex composition

  1. Outer fabric: Nomex® Microrip Sioguard
  2. Waterproof membrane: SIO-A.I.R. PTFE
  3. Thermal barrier: Quilted felt on technical 3D Nomex® fabric

Jacket specifications

  • Inset pockets
  • Napoleon pocket
  • Inside pocket
  • Loop for remote microphone
  • Name badge
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Reinforced elbows
  • Reinforced shoulders
  • Collar with Velcro
  • Zip puller
  • Overlap covering the zip

Trousers specifications

  • Side-pockets with fold
  • Knees reinforced with coated Kevlar®
  • Hem reinforced with coated Kevlar®
  • Adjustable and removable braces
  • Fly
  • Adjustable waist