European standards: 

The SDIS 85 was the first department that equipped its firemen with orange suits to improve the visibility during interventions.

This suit is made with a Twin Nomex® fabric that offers a good mechanical resistance and keeps on looking nice even after prolonged use. 

Following the experiences of other SDIS, the La Vendée department chose to use grey retroreflective stripings and combined stripings. They have been positioned on the suit so as to represent the human body and enhance the safety of firemen during interventions. 

The short jacket has an integrated "RESCUE" grip to rapidly evacuate a fireman in need. 

The cuffs with an integrated thumb loop have a particular cut and protect the top of the hand perfectly. 

The high trousers have preformed knee reinforcements that offer more comfort during interventions.

Hivis stripings

Retroreflective striping - silver glass beads (50 mm)

This striping with a minimum width of 50 mm takes advantage of glass beads to reflect the light to make the wearer of the suit visible in dangerous circumstances. In accordance with the requirements of the EN 471/EN ISO 20471.

Retroreflective striping - triple trim (fluo/silver/fluo)

This striping has a grey, retroreflective central part with two fluorescent (yellow or orange) bands around it. The yellow colour improves visibility by day whilst the retroreflective silver part reflects the light from the headlights of cars by night.

This striping can't be used to obtain an EN 471/EN ISO 20471 certification because the retroreflective part isn't wide enough.

Complex 523 - Twin

A very resistant complex with excellent thermal qualities.

Complex composition

  1. Outer fabric: Nomex® Twin
  2. Waterproof membrane: Sympatex®
  3. Thermal barrier: ISO’AIR® matelassé on ripstop Nomex® fabric

Jacket specifications

  • Inset pockets
  • Napoleon pocket
  • Loop for remote microphone
  • Inset sleeves
  • Cuff extended on the back of the hand
  • Cuffs with opening for thumb
  • Shoulder pad
  • Reinforced shoulders
  • The striping is fixed with double seams
  • High collar
  • Zip puller
  • Grabbing loop at the bottom of the zip fastener, so it can be closed easily, even with gloves
  • Overlap covering the zip
  • Label flap
  • Rescue grip
  • Thermoadhesive label (composition, bar code...)
  • Inspection zipper

Trousers specifications

  • High waist trousers
  • Reinforced pocket with fold
  • The striping is fixed with double seams
  • Knees reinforced with coated and cut-resistant Kevlar® + foam
  • Crotch reinforcement
  • Hem and ankle reinforced with coated Kevlar®
  • Reinforced lower leg
  • Adjustable and removable braces
  • Elastic in the waist
  • Adjustable waist
  • Label flap
  • Thermoadhesive label (composition, bar code...)