Paris Tunnel Unit

The "Long Term Operation" speciality requires that experienced firefighters be ready to intervene in extreme conditions.

Once again, what the Paris Fire Brigade wants is simple: to optimize the safety of these specialist operators in the field.

Months of work have made it possible to define the best textile protection system perfectly adapted to the missions of the ELDs.

The main goal of this work is simple - the Brigade must innovate on several points:

  • Optimize thermal protection by increasing leakage time with the addition of a hood that perfectly covers the helmet.
  • Maximize visibility,
  • Improve comfort by reducing heat stress,
  • Improve ergonomics, with many pockets
  • Facilitate the extraction of the firefighters in case of an accident with the addition of a Rescue system in the jacket but also in the fire trousers

To make this ambitious project successful, the Brigade has not ruled out even the most surprising leads.

Sioen's R&D department has determined the 830 Twin Square assembly as the best compromise with only 3 layers.

Offering this solution in gold colour allows to saves precious seconds in case of a thermal accident.

The ELD protection set is now available in gold.

Hivis stripings


Compliance with Annex B of EN 469 must not affect the good values obtained in breathability, weight, flexibility while providing very good visibility.

The top film provides better protection against abrasion, and its construction with metallized support offers good flexibility for more comfort. This technology: monobloc prismatic retroreflective strips with reinforced seams guarantee excellent retro-reflection even in the rain.

The FTP2100 band complies with EN 469:2005 standards but also with the high visibility EN ISO 20471 standard with retro-reflection over its full width.

Complex 830 - Nomex Twin Square

High level of thermal protection and improved comfort

Complex composition

  1. Thermal barrier: Nomex Twin Square
  2. Waterproof membrane: SIO-A.I.R. PTFE
  3. Thermal barrier: Techweave

Jacket specifications

  • Anti-panic zipper with Velcro overlap
  • Napoleon pocket closing by zipper
  • Outside pockets to put away the gloves + loop with D-buckle
  • Polycoise pocket on right side (above the sideseam)
  • Inset pockets
  • Loop for remote microphone
  • Inset sleeves
  • Comfort sleeves
  • Cuffs with thumb loop
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Shoulder pad
  • Reinforced elbows with coated and cut-resistant Kevlar®
  • The striping is fixed by 1 needle stitching reinforced with 3mm ribbon
  • Stand-up collar
  • Removable hood
  • Large hood that covers the helmet
  • Extended back
  • Antiwicking strip at bottom jacket and sleeves
  • Air tubes (3 in the back – 7 in the front/shoulder area)
  • Zip puller
  • Velcro loop for gradient on front flap
  • Grabbing loop at the bottom of the zip fastener, so it can be closed easily, even with gloves
  • Bar code
  • Rescue grip
  • Thermoadhesive label (composition, bar code...)
  • Inspection zipper
  • Double safety stitches

Trousers specifications

  • Preformed knees
  • Normal waist trousers
  • Patched gusset pocket on each side
  • Patched “polycoise” pocket on right gusset pocket
  • The striping is fixed by 1 needle stitching reinforced with 3mm ribbon
  • Knees reinforced with coated and cut-resistant Kevlar® + foam
  • Hem reinforced with coated Kevlar®
  • Adjustable and removable braces
  • Inspection opening by zipper
  • Rescue device
  • Fly with touch and close fastening
  • Antiwicking strip at bottom leg
  • Elastic in the waist
  • Bar code
  • Thermoadhesive label (composition, bar code...)
  • Double safety stitches