Indre et Loire, a department with a very busy road transport network, wanted to develop an intervention suit with a high visibility. Studies were done to convince the firemen of the necessity of an EN 471 class 2 suit. It is much more visible and therefore much safer than the previous suit. 

After several tests the department chose for the retroreflective stripings with prism technology. 

The cut of the suit was also studied and tested. The result was a long jacket with comfort sleeves and thumb openings to keep the sleeves in place. 

For the overtrousers the department chose to keep the openings till the hips for better ergonomics. That way the trousers can easily be put on and taken off and it reduces heat stress. 

Hivis stripings

Retroreflective striping - yellow prisms

This is the only striping available on the market that is both yelllow fluorescent and retroreflective on the whole surface. It can be used to manufacture high visibility clothing of the type EN471/EN ISO 20471 class 2 and class 3. The striping takes advantage of micro-prismatic technology to offer a retroreflection that is three times stronger than that of a striping with glass beads in rainy weather. 

Complex 529 - Microrip

A waterproof, breathable, light and resistant complex.

Complex composition

  1. Outer fabric: Nomex® Microrip Sioguard
  2. Thermal barrier: ISO’AIR®
  3. Waterproof & antistatic lining: SioLiner Plus

Jacket specifications

  • Inset pockets
  • Inside pocket
  • Inset sleeves
  • Comfort sleeves
  • Cuffs with opening for thumb
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Fluorescent shoulder flap
  • High collar
  • Zip puller
  • Grabbing loop at the bottom of the zip fastener, so it can be closed easily, even with gloves
  • Overlap covering the zip
  • Label flap
  • Bar code
  • Thermoadhesive label (composition, bar code...)
  • Inspection zipper

Trousers specifications

  • Normal waist trousers
  • Reinforced pockets with fold
  • Opening on the side of the lower leg that is closed with a zipper
  • Knees reinforced with coated and cut-resistant Kevlar® + foam
  • Adjustable and removable braces
  • Elastic in the waist
  • Label flap
  • Bar code
  • Thermoadhesive label (composition, bar code...)