In its general tender for the supplying of fire intervention jackets and trousers, the Belgian Ministry of Home Affairs is very demanding. The Ministry asks for suits in three colours (blue, orange, blue with orange shoulders) and a system that permits to identify every wearer individually. 
In addition the name of the brigade has to be stated on the back (in Dutch "Brandweer xxxx" or in French "Sapeurs-pompiers xxxx).  

The Ministry required a combination of several standards which was very innovative in 2006. 

The specifications were very detailed:

  • Stand-up collar with a determined height
  • Anti-panic zip fastener
  • Upright radio pocket that leaves a passage for the antenna
  • Pockets with a waterproof inner lining
  • Etc.

Ten companies from different countries submitted a tender. For several months the suits were tested and compared in firemen's schools. At the end of 2006 the Ministry finally appointed our suit as the winner.   

After 3 years, a question form was sent to the brigades to measure their satisfaction. As the level of satisfaction was very high, the contract was extended by 2 years. 

This suit combines a high mechanical resistance with an excellent thermal protection. Several brigades, who have been using this suit intensively for a number of years now, have confirmed the longevity of the suit: repairs are negligible. 

In May 2013, we exposed an 'old' suit that had been worn for more than 5 years, to a simulation of a flashover (the so-called Thermo-Man test). The results were asthonishing: the performance of the 'old' suit was as good as that of the brand new suit

The high quality of this suit has been proved during its several years of service in the Belgian fire brigades. 

Hivis stripings

Fluorescent striping - yellow glass beads

This striping, with a minimum width of 5 cm, only complies for the fluorescent part with the requirements of the EN 471/EN ISO 20471.
Its retroreflective qualities may not be taken into account for the obtention of the EN 471/EN ISO 20471 norm.

Retroreflective striping - silver glass beads (50 mm)

This striping with a minimum width of 50 mm takes advantage of glass beads to reflect the light to make the wearer of the suit visible in dangerous circumstances. In accordance with the requirements of the EN 471/EN ISO 20471.

Complex 523 - Twin

A very resistant complex with excellent thermal qualities.

Complex composition

  1. Outer fabric: Nomex® Twin
  2. Waterproof membrane: Sympatex®
  3. Thermal barrier: ISO’AIR® matelassé on ripstop Nomex® fabric

Jacket specifications

  • Radio pocket
  • Inset pockets
  • Napoleon pocket
  • Inside pocket
  • Loop for remote microphone
  • Pocket overlap which leaves a passage for the antenna
  • Other loops
  • Name badge
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Comfort sleeves
  • Cuffs with thumb loop
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Reinforced elbows
  • Reinforced shoulders
  • The striping is fixed with double seams
  • High collar
  • Zip puller
  • Grabbing loop at the bottom of the zip fastener, so it can be closed easily, even with gloves
  • Overlap covering the zip
  • Thermoadhesive label (composition, bar code...)

Trousers specifications

  • Normal waist trousers
  • Side-pockets with fold
  • The striping is fixed with double seams
  • Opening on the back with zipper and fold
  • Knees reinforced with coated and cut-resistant Kevlar®
  • Fixed braces
  • Fly
  • Elastic in the waist
  • Thermoadhesive label (composition, bar code...)