Several French departments have chosen the same design for their protective clothing. In accordance with the B annex of the EN 469, this equipment has a triple yellow/grey striping in an H-form on the front and the back. The single layered overtrousers are in combination with the SPF1 trousers of level 1, the openings on the sides makes it easier to put the boots on. 

The General Directorate of Civil Security and of Crisis Management (DGSCGC) and ASQUAL have established a high-quality brand for the Protective Clothing and Equipment of Firemen (VEPSP). Right from the start, Sioen was involved in this proceeding, which focuses on quality.  

We have developped a suit that complies with all the standards of this reference frame. Complex 529 proved to be the best solution. 

Hivis stripings

Retroreflective striping - triple trim (fluo/silver/fluo)

This striping has a grey, retroreflective central part with two fluorescent (yellow or orange) bands around it. The yellow colour improves visibility by day whilst the retroreflective silver part reflects the light from the headlights of cars by night.

This striping can't be used to obtain an EN 471/EN ISO 20471 certification because the retroreflective part isn't wide enough.

Complex 529 - Microrip

A waterproof, breathable, light and resistant complex.

Complex composition

  1. Outer fabric: Nomex® Microrip Sioguard
  2. Thermal barrier: ISO’AIR®
  3. Waterproof & antistatic lining: SioLiner Plus

Jacket specifications

  • Anti-panic zipper with Velcro overlap
  • Reinforced pocket bottoms
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Comfort sleeves
  • Cuffs with opening for thumb
  • Reinforced shoulders
  • Heat resistant thread
  • Double safety stitches

Trousers specifications

  • Wide shape
  • Opening on the side of the lower leg that is closed with a zipper
  • Comfort insert between the legs
  • Reinforced knees: shock-absorbing foam
  • Reinforced knees: cut-resistant class 3
  • Adjustable and removable braces
  • Fly with hooks and eyes
  • Elastic in the waist
  • Double safety stitches
  • Heat resistant thread