Innovation is our DNA

Its innovative culture turns Sioen into a trendsetter in the conception of intervention suits.

High visibility suit without membrane

At the request of the SDIS of the Pyrénees Orientales we developed a jacket without membrane that is in accordance with the EN 471 thanks to prismatic stripings and a shoulder flap. The department service of Saône et Loire has also selected Sioen to deliver a textile protection suit aproved by the EN 469 without a membrane and in accordance with the EN 471 thanks to yellow stripings with prism technology. The positioning of the stripings was very specific, a new approach that marks an important technical turn.   

First suit with a thermal protection that exceeds the demands of the norm for airports!

Sioen was the first company to be aproved by the Directorate General for Civil Aviation with a protection suit for airports that offers a thermal protection that exceeds the demands of the EN 469 standard. In addition it is also in accordance with the EN 471 and very easy to put on. Today the majority of the French airports (the airports of Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Bâle-Mulhouse...) rely on us. 

Creation of the Sioliner-plus lining

The SDIS of Gard also marks the succesful launch of our waterproof and breathable barrier Sioliner Plus. Thanks to its elastic structure the suit is very comfortable and has an excellent mechanical resistance. This solution is used in the complex 529.

Positioning of the stripings for a better protection

In 2008, the department service of fire and aid of Gard chose Sioen to equip its firemen. The suit had to have two types of retro-reflective stripings positioned in a way to represent the human body so it would be very effective for everyday use.

Ship fires

The same year the SDIS 17 decides to create a department team that is specialized in fighting ship fires to meet the aims of the department plan for the analyis and covering of risks and because the port of La Rochelle is the port of refuge for the Atlantic zone. 

Very specific objectives have to be reached:

  • an optimum protection against radiation and flames
  • a complete protection, a high mechanical resistance of the components
  • a good buoyancy
  • a visibility that is adapted to this kind of interventions
  • the integration of elements that favour the rescue of the crew
  • ergonomics and comfort.

After many studies and tests we were able to create a suit for ship fires that meets these specific demands.

This project has received the Innovation Award from the National Graduate School for Firemen's Officers 2012.

We scoop the tender for the market of Belgian fireman

In 2006, Belgium issues a European call for tenders to deliver the protection suits for the Belgian firefighters. Our solution combines some hundred colour/size references for which we assure the personalization and the distribution and this for more than 251 brigades

Lateral openings

Comfort and ergonomics remain a key feature for the wearers and the market. In cooperation with the department service of the Alpes Maritimes, we were the first to develop over trousers with big lateral openings that in combination with the station wear obtained level 2 of the EN 469, and to bring them on the market. This evolution was accompanied with a profound re-evaluation of the confection which led to the first suit with a short jacket combined with high-waist trousers.  

Jacket with back without membrane

To improve the breathability of the suit and as a result the comfort of the fireman, a substantial study was launched in cooperation with the department service of Yonne. It led to the first jacket without a membrane on the back. The transpiration can constantly evaporate which reduces heat stress considerably. 

First jacket with a double homologation EN 469 & EN 471

A few years later we developed for the department service of the Bouches du Rhône the first jacket with a double homologation: EN 469 and EN 471, to improve protection during interventions on the road. 

Thanks to this major innovation Sioen was acknowledged as an innovative company on the market of protective clothing for firemen. 

The departments of Yonne, the Pyrénées Orientales, la Moselle, Indre et Loire and Saône et Loire also chose for this double homologation.

Combining protection layers

At the same time we developed a jacket of level 1 of the EN 469 for the firemen of the Bouches du Rhône. In combination with the station jacket it offers a protection of level 2. 

Position the stripings in an "H"

Since 1994 we have been developing on the French market a textile jacket with stripings in an "H" -form to improve visibility for the aid center of Toulon, a revolution for a company that was mainly occupied with leather craft. 

Successes in Portugal, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Latin America...

In Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and several other countries thousands of firemen wear a Sioen suit that was designed to perfectly meet their needs.