Strengths of Vidal Protection

  1. The different protection solutions

    Sioen has, to this day, the largest supply of approved complexes of the market, from the most resistant and the lightest to the most protective complex. 

  2. A high-level service

    The companies in Ardooie (Belgium) and Graulhet (France) assure the commercial follow-up, the reparations and the small production runs. 

  3. An unrivalled innovation

    Thanks to our in-house laboratory we can test all the solutions we offer on the market. 

  4. A perfect mastery of the CE & ISO standards

    The "Research and Development" team works daily with the international and European standards in force. We are also accepted into the working groups that revise normative texts. 

  5. A good intelligence of the European market

    Our presence alongside fire fighters in several countries gives us a broad intelligence of this market. 

  6. Technical teams on the field

    Engineers daily come to you to propose ready-made solutions to your problems.

  7. The quality of our products

    Thanks to its own production chains Sioen can assure a very high quality that is acknowledged on the market and monitored by the ISO 9001. 

  8. A far-reaching control before delivery

    The quality control examines thoroughly all the products to detect and correct the smallest irregularity. This control is based on the ISO 2859 standard. We double the number of examined items for the P.P.E. (personal protective equipment) of category 3. 

  9. An excellent after-sales service

    The activity of fireman sometimes entails damage on the suits. Sioen has several branches that were trained to assure an excellent after-sales service. 

  10. The strength and expertise of a large family group

    Innovation is the key word of the Sioen family owner of the eponymous group. The group continues to invest in that way and augments its efficiency every day. 

  11. The widest range of complexes

    Sioen has studied and tested more than 1000 complexes and has, to this day, homologated more than 20 complexes.

  12. An R&D team that listens to your wishes

    We study and develop solutions that are adapted to your operational constraints.