Innovation is our benchmark to develop and produce the largest range of intervention clothing in accordance with the EN 469 standard. 

Through our extensive experience we are able to offer an answer to all the safety problems firemen encounter. 


In 1927 the company Vidal is established in the South-west of France in the city of Graulhet that was at that time the capital of leather. In that way Vidal was able to develop and produce protection jackets in sheep leather and to make a name for itself in the world of firemen. 

A new start: Sioen Industries Group

In 2001, Vidal becomes a brand of the Sioen Industries Group, a Belgian stock quoted family group. The headoffice of Sioen France remains in Narbonne. 
The Sioen group is market leader in the field of protection clothing in Europe. It has an ISO 9001 certificate and designs and produces high-quality protection suits. The group has 31 branches including spinning mills, weaving mills, textile factories and storage warehouses. It is present in 14 countries with a staff of 4.600 people and a turnover of 330,000,000 euros. Today, the group counts more than 1.312 people in Europe, notably in France. 

The Sioen group has a strong social policy and a profound respect for the environment, controlled by the ISO 14001 certification. 

Our aim

The Sioen team is attentive to the needs of fireman every single day. Thanks to our presence on the field in France but also in the rest of Europe we can analyze problems and find solutions that truly help our customers.